Dosti Centerio

In this city of rising inflation, increasing distance and decreasing living spaces, imagine the advantage of discovering an un explored destination that is the solution to these woes.

Welcome to Dosti Centerio, it is not merely a new residential address; it is a new destination that will breathe fresh life into the city. Geographically, Dosti Centerio is located at shil Thane, Just 12km away from Thane Station.but potentially it is discovering a whole new world in this corner of the city be it in terms Lifestyle,conveniences and advantages.

    Transforming Shil Thane
  • A secure, gated community
  • 23 towers of 28 storeys each
  • 1,1.5,2 & 2.5 BHK apartments
  • Unparalleled mix of lifestyle amenities and close-to-hand conveniences
  • School proposed in the Complex