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About Dosti Realty

About Dosti Realty

With a friend like Dosti Realty, home-seekers know that they don’t have to go anywhere else but come home to Dosti their Friend to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

  • Transforming Wadala (Antop Hill) as a Destination (2001)

    Transforming Wadala (Antop Hill) as a Destination (2001)

    Dosti Realty’s technique and planning has helped develop futuristic constructions. With this line of thought, it transformed Antop Hill into dream land by creating ‘Dosti Acres’ in Wadala. Antop Hill which was earlier a dot on a map is now a renowned destination. It is Dosti Realty’s constant efforts and visionary approach which gave it a superlative presence in the heart of the city. Many projects got kick started after the completion of Dosti Acres, like commercial hubs, other residential complexes, educational institutes etc in and around the location.

  • The Society Club House Culture (2005)

    The Society Club House Culture (2005)

    Dosti Realty was the first developer in Mumbai to start the Society Club House Culture in its project Dosti Acres – New Wadala. Dosti Club Leisure which was inaugurated by Shri Deepak Parekh (Chairman of HDFC) offers world class amenities, facilities and even guest rooms. And it did not end there; the Clubs across its projects are still maintained by Dosti Realty at a very nominal rate.

  • Creation of a Theme based Project (2005)

    Creation of a Theme based Project (2005)

    After transforming Wadala as a destination Dosti Realty was among the first few developers to see the potential of Parel-Seweri as a residential destination. Stemming from its belief to always delight its customer by unique offerings, this project offered a unique view of Flamingos. The project was accordingly named Dosti Flamingos and all common area designs followed this theme.

Vision & Mission


    To bring more luxuries into the category of 'affordability',giving our customers the chance to lead lavish lifestyles at reasonable prices.


    To sustain the ethos of the organisation by celebrating thetrue spirit of friendship through the development of environmentally friendly futuristic residential as well as commercial projects that transform lifestyles and create long lasting relationships with all our customers as well as stakeholders.



    The logo symbolises Dosti Realty's core values and beliefs. The handshake and the word 'Dosti' connote trust and friendship forever, reflecting the group's commitment and a heritage that is over 30 years old.


    We imbibe utmost honesty in all our employees, giving them absolute freedom to think creatively and perform exceptionally.


    Ever since its inception, the group has staunchly maintained its impeccable record of creating 'Dosti Homes', which are nothing less than the highest quality.


    All our transactions are based on transparency, whether they involve land owners, investors, suppliers, contractors or customers. Trust with transparency has always been a guiding principle of Dosti Realty.


    With innovative technology and avant-garde interior designs, we are able to develop stylish, modern projects at a rapid pace.


    Building with responsibility towards the environment without disturbing the ecological balance and ensuring vast green spaces around every project is the hallmark of a Dosti Realty creation.


  • Past Projects

Our Legacy

Dosti Realty has been in the real estate business for over 3 decades and delivered more than 117 properties till date, providing homes to over 8,600+ families over 42,700 residents. Encompassing a portfolio of 9.5 mn. sq. ft. across Mumbai, the company has experience in various development types be it Residential, Commercial, Retail, IT Parks etc. Over the years, it has been known for Aesthetics, Innovation, Quality and Timely Delivery, values that have build lasting relationships. The company has now expanded to other cities like Ahmedabad and Pune as well.

  • The Management

    The Management

    Come meet the people that make Dosti Realty the brand it is today.


    Come witness our humble beginning and journey so far!

  • CSR


    In our endeavour to give back to society, the DOSTI FOUNDATION carries out social welfare and philanthropic activities.